N. Hilios LTD

We support on board cleaning works  //  Since 1981

We support on board cleaning works

Since 1981

Υποστηρίζονται εργασίες εν πλω
Έτος ιδρύσεως 1981

Some of our best services

Hydroblasting High-pressure 3100bar
Yacht services
Hellenic & N.A.T.O. Arm Forces
Land services

About us

NIKOLAOS HILIOS SOLE TRADER LTD. is based in Perama and was found by Nikolaos Hilios who has a vast experience since he was a child as he was working next to his father.

The company, since many years, has managed to be acclaimed and established in the ship’s repairs sector, using its privately owned, modern and constantly renew mechanical equipment as well as the use of environmentally friendly and according to the international standards methods of work.

The success in the ship’s repairs sector is the result of tough work of excellent quality and optimum cooperation with large companies of the marine and heavy industry sector.

Our top priority is to work effectively and efficient to achieve our customer’s satisfaction for any type of services we provide.

Considering safety as the ultimate tool for our motivation we are in a position to conclude all kind of services, even on board, while the vessel is sailing at the most effective way and with top quality in mind.

Besides, our contribution, due to our long experience, could be advisory in a huge variety of matters, in order to achieve the optimum results.

Apart the main establishments of the company, where is the majority of the mechanical equipment and also established the machine warehouse, there is also another establishment in the Perama Ship Repairs Zone, where we have all our heavy mechanical equipment.

Our priorities

Customer Satisfaction

Our philosophy and aims to maintain quality of our providing services at its highest level for our clients’ satisfaction.

Work security

Our company’s top priority is the creation and the constant improvement of a safe and healthy work environment, using certified personal protection means for our personnel, our customers and our collaborative.

Respect to the environment

Our strategy and contemporary conception based in the implementation of innovative methods that applied with respect to the environment and the use of green energy.

Rapidness & Reliability

Our vision is to be continue the a pioneer and specialized to be the leaders of our sector, providing a variety οf competitive services rapidly, safely and trust worthy, due to the large  and many mechanical equipment we have.

Equipment Upgrading & Personnel Training

Large amount of privately owned mechanical equipment modern specifications which constantly renew and upgrading. Besides we always investinour personnel training in the innovative methods that we can apply in our works.