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We support on board cleaning works  //  Since 1981


This method is more favorable in cases of cleaning mechanical equipment or electrical installations in order to avoid damages that hydro blasting and chemicals can cause.

Moreover it is less time consuming than the other cleaning methods.

Some indicative cases of ice blasting cleaning are : ships’ internal spaces, engine rooms, generators, chains, electrical boards, high voltage adaptors, electric power distribution stations, glass boards, special spots in the robots’ parts like cogwheels, wiring, chimneys and at the external surfaces, where silicon, graphite, smoke residues following a fire are stuck, raw materials like chocolate, caramel and sugar.  

Beyond the “heavy” cleanings in marine and other industries, this method can be applied n very sensitive surfaces, without causing any damages, like yacht’s decks with special veneer and glaze, other parts that have been built by aluminum, carbon fibers etc. Besides it can be used in cleaning national monuments, statues, archaeological monuments, objects, buildings and other cultural treasures made by marble, stones, bronze etc.